UDG, LLC will provide a complete and comprehensive solution.
We strive to maximize our client’s effectiveness in the field by providing accurate and easy-to-use design documentation.

Every System Layout is created using the latest version of AutoCAD Software.

All client project files are stored electronically and archived for future reference.


We will perform a hard copy “take off” from your plans representing the lighting control intent for your project. In addition we will provide a spreadsheet with estimated Lutron materials and labor cost.

This service will allow you to more accurately bid a Lutron Lighting Control System.

Note: Pre-Design Fee will be credited when project converts to full design specification.


We will convert your electrical lighting plan from traditional switching to an engineered lighting control layout. (Submitted Files should be in AutoCAD format.)

All floors, rooms and lighting zone will be numbered on drawing for ease of use and implementation.

This service includes the line voltage wiring requirements, plus a systems communication map for pre-wiring site to manufactures specifications.

Cable type and approximate wire length recommended, will be provided on this document.

Note: Click on sample drawing to enlarge detail.        Click here for 30 X 42 PDF of Sample System Layout Drawing.


We will graphically create the Lutron System Equipment in a schematic (one-line) format to identify the interconnects between all system devices.

This additional sheet will clearly represent the Lutron System Architecture and Design Intent.

Note: Click on sample drawing to enlarge detail.      Click here for 30 X 42 PDF of Sample System Graphic Drawing.

Please Note:


  • A completed Project Intake Form will be required prior to performing Design and Programming Services.
  • Large Format Graphic Prints are sent electronically in PDF Format and Hard Copy Prints (30″ X 42″) are $6.00 per page plus shipping.
  • Invoices are sent electronically and due on receipt.  For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards.

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